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Who will be crowned king of the Lion Tour 2020?

The first two rounds of the Lion Tour 2020 has already past and we just want to congratulate everyone from Whangarei Golf Club in the Tour that has made it this far! We have another four rounds to go before the winners will be announced.


Thursday, 25th: 18 Hole Ladies Scramble; Mens Midday Haggle; Womens 18 Hole Open (Waipu)

Friday, 26th: Pacific Homes Haggle

Saturday, 27th: 9 Hole Ladies Team Scramble; Mens Midday Haggle-Buck Cup Round 2 4bbb (play by)

Sunday, 28th: 18 Hole Ladies – Waitamata 2

Monday, 29th: Mens Midday Haggle; 9 Hole Scramble

Tueday, 30th: 18 Hole Ladies Scramble

Subject to change - please call us to confirm, as many events get reshuffled throughout the year.

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