Being a member at Whangarei Golf Club is about so much more than playing golf.It's about building friendships, sharing experiences

and making memories. By signing up you instantly become part of a community.

The club becomes your second home. From playing a round of golf with friends and enjoying a Sunday roast with the family,

to winding down at a mid-week Chip & Sip, This is where you can come to escape.

"Golf is more than just a sport. It's a lifestyle."

The cheapest second home you'll ever buy:

Full membership: $850
Full 9-hole: $500
New to Whangarei: $650 (for the first year)

Intermediate (up to 35 years old): $550
Social playing member (includes handicap): $450
Junior: $100

All memberships payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly and prorate in effect.

Not sure if you'll play enough to get a membership?

The 18 hole concession card is $200 up front and gets you ten games. The 9-hole concession card is $130 and also gets you ten 9-hole games. Even better if you get to the end of your ten games and decide you are playing enough let us know and we will credit the cost of the concession card against whatever membership you decide on!

No matter what you are looking for, we have something for everyone.

Speak to us about your options.